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Giving back to the community makes me feel good, hence this blog. I hope that you will find it interesting and informative.

The objective of this blog is to feature some of the many non-profit and charitable organizations that we have in the greater Vancouver BC area in an effort to publicize their events and causes. And knowing the passion with which so many businesses give generously of their time and money, I intend to use this space to recognize their contributions.

One of the things I missed the most when I worked my 12 to 14 hour days and commuted two plus hours a day, was the opportunity to give back to my community. Recently retired, I had the great joy this past year of being able to cycle in the Vancouver/Seattle Ride to Conquer Cancer. Now, in addition to this blog, I volunteer for a women’s organization, tutor in a literacy program and am involved with a music and theatre organization.

Who am I? I’ll give you the short version, the long version I am still trying to figure out. My name is Patricia Sandberg. I am a 4x retired lawyer – sometimes success is hard to come by. I have a family I love, a goofy dog I adore. I am a huge nerd, for some obscure reason spending countless hours studying Spanish. I love to read, walk, and sometimes garden. I am a wannabe artist and so hugely appreciate the talent of others. I love to travel and dream of going to some wildly exotic latin country to teach English. I am so excited that, in the last third of our lifetimes, so many more paths open up and I hope to be able trek down a lot of them before I am done.

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