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Building Homes from the Heart

June 6, 2013
Building Homes from the Heart Poster

Building Homes from the Heart Poster

Victoria Clements and her group of passionately caring “Divas of Barrio Blanco” are holding a fundraiser this Saturday, June 8th (at the Knights of Columbus Chambers directly underneath the Star of the Sea Hall, 15262 Pacific Ave, White Rock from 6:30pm -9pm). The purpose is to raise funds to build additional homes in the slums of the Barrio Blanco, Dominican Republic. Victoria advises that Gordon Hogg has volunteered his services as their LIVE auctioneer and Sue Hammel will also be attending.

Victoria personally experienced helping people who live in shanty shacks made of scraps of whatever they can find to put together walls and a roof and says in her email to me, “I would consider it a personal favour if you share the event on your blog and with your fabulous friends as well who understand the concept of “women helping women” and would consider participating in some way.” As this blog celebrates all the hard work of dedicated and passionate volunteers, I am happy to do so.

The event will be a Caribbean-themed “Dinner with the Divas of Barrio Blanco”. Dress is casual as though you were going to dinner somewhere tropical. That night, the “Divas”  (as Victoria says they are affectionately known) will share their passion and unique experiences as women and mothers when, for the first time, they all visited the Barrio Blanco slums of Cabarete, Dominican Republic earlier this year to meet the family they sponsored in their new home, “the Diva House”. The Divas will also share what each plans to do next, both for the family and the Barrio as a whole to support shelter, food, education and medical initiatives.

Here are links to recent news stories: “Divas” Aim to Build Homes in the Heart of Dominican Barrio,  Surrey Now by Tom Zillich and “Building Opportunities from the ground upPeace Arch News by Sarah Massah. You can also find more information about the event on the Divas of the Barrio Facebook Page.

Victoria states, “This event on June 8 epitomizes the beginning of a process of “women helping women”. This happens in Canada all the time in all kinds of ways that only women understand based upon personal life experiences. The Divas came away from the experience wanting to do more. This event on June 8 is the start of a process to achieve certain objectives that the Divas have both individually and collectively, because “the movement” has to start somewhere.”

She adds, “We have never been involved in a project like this before and it put a lot of things in perspective for us at a time in our lives when we needed just that.”

Thanks to Victoria for sharing the story with me. For more information about the June 8th event, to purchase tickets or to make a contribution, people can contact Victoria Clements at 604-722-2914 or by email at To buy tickets online or donate, people can go to Have a good time and do some good while you are at it!   

Please come back to visit.
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