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Putting Vancouver’s best faces forward for Compassionate Eye Foundation

September 11, 2012

If you saw my blog yesterday, you will have seen some action shots and the incredible setting in which the photo shoot for Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) took place. Today, I would like to show you some of the beautiful faces of the people who are lending their images to CEF so that nonprofit CEF can continue to support disadvantaged people around the world. And some of their stories.

One of the shoots involved three generations chatting around a table on the porch of the farm-house. The enchanting Jessica Margaret played “mom” (although one might question whether she is old enough to do so) to the cutest little red-headed girl named Skyler pictured here. Susan Viccars played “grandma” in the scene. Susan, a retired high school teacher who has been modelling for five years and whose looks obviously didn’t suffer from all those years of teaching, admits her students would be surprised to know what she is doing now.

In the fields, Chad Ellis, Dominc Downer, Courtney Mitchell, Darla Taylor, Christina Gooding and Ryan Steele passed the time renewing friendships, texting, and even catching some shut-eye while waiting for their calls to action. The challenge was trying to fit them, plus wardrobe consultants and of course me, into the shade of the small tent.

Although Chad Ellis’s main focus is acting, he went for a go-see for the CEF shoot after he received a call from his agent and was inspired by the information about CEF that he received from Steven Errico. As a former representative for World Vision, he has extra insight into the issues faced in the Third World and feels CEF’s efforts are very worthwhile. In the photo shoot, he fished in the creek with Dominic Downer. No fish were to be had but they had a great time. Courtney Mitchell has an exquisitely expressive face and she and Chad paired up on the river bank where they followed Steven Errico’s instructions to “look for UFOs”.

Jay Hindle is an actor who also produces films for TV in Los Angeles through Archetype Pictures. He was part of the farming scenes and demonstrated for me the fine art of pushing a push lawn mower. The mower didn’t work but he looked good doing it! I googled him and found a YouTube video. The menacing figure in the video is quite different from the charming, friendly Jay Hindle that I met.

Dominic Downer is Canadian born but sports an Oxford English accent from his many years living in England. He models, acts and DJs and in his spare time is a realtor. He has modelled for the CEF photo shoots in the past. He also has great biceps!

Darla Taylor, a raven-haired beauty with a sweet smile, has also modelled before for CEF and likes to support this good cause. She and photographer Steven Errico paddled the red canoe in the small stream to search out good photo locations. Darla is an actor in film, TV and music videos and is a recurring character in Marianas Trench’s music videos.

Petite blond Paula Hoffman answered a call from her agent on Tuesday and was promptly on set on Thursday to do head shots. Dressed in a suit and looking very corporate, she and photographer Mauricio Orozco had a great time. Paula moved here from L.A. 15 years ago and worked as a nanny. As she sat reading stories to the kids using various character voices, she thought ‘this seems like this would be a really fun career’. One thing led to another and, in addition to modelling, she now works as a voice actor for animation for film, game companies and apps.

Cam McCubbin is a former broadcaster who, since retiring from that role, has done a lot of voice-over and some corporate camera work. A few years ago, he spotted an ad for a “real grandfather” type for a commercial and went and auditioned. His granddaughter who also auditioned was too old for the part, but Cam was chosen and has been working steadily since. He approaches his charity work with some advice he received from his father, saying “everything you give away comes back tenfold, and gosh it sure works!”

It was such a pleasure to be surrounded by such friendly and fascinating people. Their stories were interesting and varied greatly. Sadly, I did not have a chance to speak to or photograph Christina Gooding, Ryan Steele, or the young boy Keegan who also generously donated their images to Getty Images on behalf of CEF. And I have to mention again my vote for the cutest non-model, Tanuki, the Airedale who welcomed all to his territory.

To see lots of photos of the models, the incredible farm setting and the creative people who put this all together, check out the photos on the side of the page and Flickr to see more.

Thanks again to CEF for inviting me along and to all the participants in the photo shoot who shared their time and stories with me. If you know of someone who could use a stock photo from Getty Image, encourage them to seek out the images donated through CEF so the good work can multiply. Compassionate Eye Foundation has just launched its new website at You can also find out more about what it does by reading its blog or by visiting it on Twitter or Facebook.

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    A fascinating article about a bunch of very dedicated people.

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