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New month musings

February 1, 2012

One month has gone by in this blog. I have had the pleasure of speaking to some amazing people in the nonprofit world, directors, clients and volunteers. I have also shared some of my personal experiences in the non-profit world.

Just a reminder – if you would like to make a delightful musical trip back to the 50’s and 60’s and see the Vancouver premier of the Marvelous Wonderettes, post a comment to my blog telling me why I should pick you. Or, give a gift by making the suggestion on behalf of a friend. There are only two more days – today and tomorrow – to post your comment. One lucky response will be picked as the winner.

On Thursday, Rocky Mountain Flatbread (RM), the delicious pizza company with a big heart, will again be featured. This next article will provide more information about RM’s innovative programs that connect it with the community and help our children learn environmental sensibility and financial literacy and gain an appreciation for volunteerism.

The Rocky Mountain Flatbread story is one in a series of upcoming articles that will explore new ways of doing business and new ways of doing good. The descriptions are varied, “social entrepreneurship”, “venture philanthropy”, “social venture” … all of which apply to organizations that use market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose. They may be for-profit companies that have a strong social conscience like RM or they may be nonprofits that contain a business activity that generates cash flow to support the activities of the nonprofit organizations. As nonprofit organizations are facing increasing competition for donors and donors are facing increasing wallet fatigue, organizations are needing new funding models to support their missions.

Finally, I would to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my blog over the past month and I especially love to receive your comments – it makes me believe that I am doing something worthwhile.

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