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A soggy day 2 of the 2011 BC Ride to Conquer Cancer

January 13, 2012

We had made the decision to stay the night in a hotel because this old body likes her creature comforts. It had the added advantage that we were able to dry out our gear; I suspect that many of the people staying in tents started the next day with their gear still wet. After a good night’s sleep, we went back to the campsite only to find that many of the riders had already headed out. Quickly grabbing our bikes, we settled our tender rear ends on the seats and coaxed our muscles into action. Did I mention that it was raining again? And cold?

Sunday’s Ride to Conquer Cancer started with a long straight stretch through valley farms. Although the rain wasn’t as hard, it seemed to settle into our bones. To reach our lunch spot, Lake Stevens, we rode up another long path through forest. It was a very long, cold 15 kilometres. We ate lunch and tried to warm up a bit but had to get back on the bikes to get the blood moving again. The last half of the day was spent on a mixture of paved forest trails and roadway. Washington has an incredible network of trails through forest, well-used by runners, bikers and families with strollers. On another day, we might have been better able to appreciate the scenery.

They saved the hard hills for the last half of Sunday’s Ride, and I appreciated all those hours training as I rode up them. At the last pit stop, the rain finally stopped. We had only 12 kilometres to go, and then we could see the end and hear the cheering. Roughly five hours after we started, we passed through the crowd. We felt on top of the world. It was worth every freezing cold, soggy minute of it. To be continued Saturday.

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  1. Susilawati Bryant permalink
    January 13, 2012 10:19 pm

    Good thing you weren’t in Mexico in June. When I was, it was so humid that the clothes in our room had to be ironed DRY each morning, just to be able to wear them!

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