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Day 1 Ride to Conquer Cancer

January 12, 2012

First day at campFinally the day came. 2879 riders for the BC Ride to Conquer Cancer set off from Cloverdale on Saturday, June 18th, 2011 in the pouring rain, wet before we even headed through the gates. Lots of people lined the way, braving the downpour to cheer us on. That was such a boost to our energy. Wind, rain and cold accompanied us until lunchtime when finally the rain stopped. Ever wondered – do you get wetter if you walk or run – here’s my answer, riding between 20 and 30 km into the rain gets you wet very quickly!

We made great time the first day. We didn’t stop much because of the cold. It was a great route, as we rode along Birch Bay, passed through Bellingham and rode up a gentle incline on a paved path through forest to Lake Samish for lunch. Then we flew along country roads that are a blur to me, arriving in Mount Vernon, our first day’s final destination. The only issue a flat tire proving yet again that neither my son nor I are any good at changing tires. On arrival, we watched as riders came in. Some very worn out and others looking as if it had been the proverbial ride in the park, all in search of a beer, some food and a warm bed.

Not long after we arrived, the uni-cyclist – yes you read it correctly – rolled up the hill to the camp. He has uni-cycled his way through all three Rides. Another remarkable 3-time participant is the man who does not have the use of his legs and rides a recumbent bike, doing each mile by pedaling a wheel with his arms. Many others had their own personal challenges. But truly, every participant was remarkable. Each giving unselfishly of his or her time and energy, they came in all ages and every shape and size.

And among them, riders bearing the standard of a cancer survivor, so many yellow flags that bobbed like beacons drawing the rest of us along the route. To be continued Friday.

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  1. January 12, 2012 4:22 pm

    Pat–nice job. It was raining so hard at the start that I didn’t know how you and Scott could start out so bravely. Your account brings it all back, and especially your comments about the good spirit that pervades the ride, all in a good cause.

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