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Why Canadians give

January 3, 2012

Innovative Research Group conducted an online survey of 1,759 Canadians in November 2011 and published their report “Exploring barriers and motivations for Canadian charitable giving”. Based on the survey, they reported:

In the past year:

  • 38% of Canadians gave over $500; 41% of Canadians gave up to $500; 21% of Canadians gave nothing;
  • Canadians who trust more give more;
  • Canadians who give more are more strongly committed to helping others;
  • Religion is important motivator among larger donors;
  • Desire to give back is more prevalent among larger donors;
  • Larger donors feel a greater sense of duty to key institutions and causes in their communities;
  • Giving time results in more satisfaction than giving money;
  • Seeking of status is not a significant motivation for donating.

People are less likely to make donations when they strongly believe that:

  • charity would not be necessary if government properly looked after society’s problems;
  • giving to charity allows government to escape its responsibilities; and
  • a lot of money goes to administrative costs instead of charities.

The full report can be seen here.

My take is that the challenge for charities and non-profits is to build the trust of potential donors in their causes.

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