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Dress For Success = new beginnings

December 30, 2011

Dress for Success is an organization that gives women a jumpstart on new lives. It is an organization that I have personally been involved with for several years and it is near and dear to my heart.

DFS’s mandate is to assist women who have encountered difficulties in their lives and are entering or returning to the workforce. In 2011, DFS, Vancouver helped over 1600 women. The women receive interview appropriate clothing and once they find employment, they may return for more  clothing. DFS also supports clients with access to computers, online training, skills upgrades, a resource library, and special seminars and workshops. DFS volunteers also provide interview assistance, such as resume and cover letter writing, and interview coaching. Clients can also join mentoring groups.

Much of what the women receive, however, is intangible.

Many arrive excited and hopeful. Many arrive tentative and apprehensive. Sometimes they are ashamed to seek help and often they have a low sense of self-worth. Some come in tears.

Knowledgeable volunteers help the women select clothing. In an hour, the women are transformed, dressed head to toe in clothing many of them have only dreamed of wearing. The metamorphosis transcends the physical. It is amazing how the simple act of an hour of caring and a new outfit can transform the women. The process gives them a huge measure of self-confidence and the belief in a better life for themselves and their children. Not only are they better received by prospective employers, but they feel positive about themselves and their abilities.

DFS is run by an extremely dedicated staff and a huge group of enthusiastic volunteers, and is supported by an enormous database of generous donors.

See how women are empowering women at or on Twitter.

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